Dog training tips dogs and puppies

Walking nicely on the lead.

 By taking the time to teach your dog how to walk nicely on the lead you are making your walks much nicer, for both yourself and your dog. 

None of us like being dragged along, feel like our arm is being pulled out of the socket or worse getting pulled over.

 You are also teaching your dog good manners and building on your leadership. A dog pulls because a person inadvertently reinforces the pulling by allowing the dog to go where the dog wants to go once that dog starts pulling, but by not letting the dog pull you change that picture.

This is one of the hardest things for an owner to learn, but with practice, repetition and consistency it gets easier. A dog will do whatever it can get away with, including pulling, so never let a dog pull you. The more you show a dog how and where you want the dog to walk the quicker the dog will learn. If you need help give us a call. Enjoy your dog!

 The Stand:

Have your puppy in a sit facing you. Hold a treat near the pups nose and slowly move that hand towards your leg, the puppy will follow that treat. Whilst moving your hand watch the pups rear end and as soon as you see the puppy is standing keep your hand still and say stand and release the treat to the puppy. If you move your hand too fast the puppy may not stand and if you keep moving it when the puppy is already in the stand the puppy will walk towards you rather than stand still. Take your time and do not rush it. If you struggle with this, we will show you in class or at a one to one how to do it.