If you call and don’t get a reply it means I am working with a customer and their dog, or your call came after we closed, so I cannot answer my phone,

As you can appreciate I cannot work with a customer or a dog whilst replying to phone calls or holding a phone in my hand. So if you get no reply please leave me a voicemail and let me know if you are looking for one to ones or classes. Please be sure you leave your contact details  and your message clearly in the call. I will then get back to you as soon asap. 

If texting or emailing via  our website, please leave your name and  information on what you are enquiring about, ie classes or one to ones.

I ALWAYS  reply to all customer enquiries, so If you have not  received a reply within 48 hours during the week it means I have not received your message, so please call back and leave a voicemail. I always call back ASAP. Calls that are received at the weekend will be answered on Monday.

Thank you.