Terms and Conditions


Terms & Conditions


By completing and submitting your booking form, this is your acknowledgement that you have read, understood and fully accept our terms and conditions.  Once you complete a registration form and email it to us and have paid the full price for your class or one to one, Julie will contact you to confirm your place and acknowledge your payment. You will also receive a puppy/dog pack with loads of tips in, this is exclusive to our customers. All training handouts and any material given to you is under Copyright to Keegans knines and are to be used  for your own personal use and are not to be copied or forwarded on to anyone else, these are to help you training your own dog(s). You cannot pass these on the other members of the public without our permission. Please note all payments must be paid before your class begins.

Your personal information will never be passed onto anyone apart from the head trainer without your prior consent. If you are unsure of anything in our terms and conditions, please speak to us before booking and we will be happy to help.


Due to our small class sizes once a course has begun  there are no refunds whatsoever. No refunds are given for any lessons that are missed for whatever reason and lessons are not transferable or carried over to other classes or lessons. However, if we have a space in another class, we will offer you a space in another class just for the one session that you missed. This will be at the discretion of the head trainer. As we have many classes, you will have a choice of days and times to come to choose from and we will do our best to get you in the class of your choice.


Cancellations for classes must be made in writing via email before your course begins and if you cancel within a certain time frame of the training course, then a refund may be permitted. Please see the time scale below:       

   A 50% refund within 14 working days

     A 25% refund within  7 working day

      No refund within 6 working days


Cancellations for a One to One.

All one to ones are payable at the time of booking prior to the sessions. Payment is non refundable in the event of a "no show" or an appointment is cancelled within 48 hours of an appointment.  There are no refunds once you have started a package. We reserve the right to use all or any video footage or images taken during the sessions to use for purpose of education and promotion.Keegans knines will make every reasonable effort to help you attain your goals, but makes no guarantees of performance on the part of the client or dog as a result of providing professional canine behaviour consultation.

Unforeseen circumstances

If your dog is ill do not bring them to class, it is unfair expecting them to train if they are unwell and they will be sent home, if they cannot train or have been spayed or neutered, or are in season this still counts as a session as your place cannot be offered to someone else for that short period, therefore no refund will be given and no classes will be carried over. If you are ill or go on holiday or go to look after someone, no refund will be given. We do not cancel lessons very often, but if we should need too, you will not lose your payment for that week and classes will carry on the week after.

 If you have booked a holiday before joining us, it is vital that you let us know before you join us, then we will make a note of that and accommodate you into another class the week before you go or when you come back. However, we cannot do this with reactive dogs, so please make sure when booking a course that you do not book your holidays straight after your 6 weeks, as life happens and sometimes a lesson may have to be cancelled through no fault of our own during those 6 weeks. If you start a course and then do not turn up for sessions no refund will be made and no lesson will be carried over. 

Please do not bring your dog to class if they have been in contact with a dog that has kennel cough or are coughing themselves, as this is contagious to other dogs. If in doubt phone Julie first.

We do not allow dogs in season to attend classes. However, you are welcome to come and watch and then go home and practice with your dog. 

We are unable to accept bitches that are in season on the premises. The presence of a bitch in season is too distracting for the other dogs to cope with as well as the risk of an unwanted pregnancy. Even though the dog cannot attend, you will find it advantageous to attend  yourself and see what we do so you can then go home and practice it at home with your dog.

All of our classes are run on a consecutive 6 week schedule, our classes are ongoing and are progressive, because of this you are only allowed to attend the training class that you have been booked on, unless previously arranged with Julie. Please ensure you attend regularly to get the best out of your classes and please be consistent outside the classes. A dog will only change if you the owner are prepared to put in the work. If you have a genuine reason/emergency  demed by us for missing a class, Julie will do her best to put you in another class on a different day or an on line class, this is as long as you let her know and as long as there is a space in another class, whether it be in person or on line.  We cannot put you in an online class if there are no on line classes running at the time.

Please make sure that you arrive in plenty of time for your class and at the pre-agreed time for other one to ones to avoid any disruption or distracting dogs and owners already working. 

Reactive dogs

You must not knowingly book an aggressive or highly reactive dog into our classes,. If in doubt, please make arrangement for us to assess your dog before booking onto a course. If you have not asked us to assess your dog and then  we find that your dog is highly reactive, nervous or aggressive we will not refund your course payment. All reactive dogs need to do a  one to one before they can join a class. Your dogs welfare is paramount. Anything that may  frighten or hurt the dog is not permitted in our classes. Please do not bring rattle bottles or any aversive devices to classes. Anyone using harsh methods will be asked to stop doing what they are doing and shown another  kinder way.


Occasionally photos may be taken whilst training at Keegan’s Knines. The customer gives permission for these photos to be used for advertising understanding that these photos are the sole property of Keegan’s Knines. By returning your registration form you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and this release. You understand this permission signifies that this material may be electronically displayed via the Internet or elsewhere. There is no time limit on the validity of this release nor is there any geographic limitation on where this material may be distributed. By returning your registration form you acknowledge that you havecompletely read and fully understand the above release and agree to be bound thereby.  If you do not want us to use your photos, then please let Julie know in writing before enrolment.


Children are welcome at our classes and are the sole responsibility of a supervising adult.  If your child/children cause any disruption or act in a way deemed inappropriate by our trainers, the trainer reserves the right to stop future attendance to any training classes and no refund will be given for classes that you cannot attend.

All family members are welcome to attend however children (under the age of 16 years) must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. The parent/guardian is responsible for the child's actions. For safety reasons no child should approach another dog unless approved by the trainer.

Other dogs and arriving and leaving our venue

Your dog is your responsibility and should be under control and on a lead by your side while entering, during and leaving class.

Please do not allow your dog to approach another dog without asking for the handler’s permission. Some dogs can feel uncomfortable around other dogs or people and it is crucial to give these dogs the space they need.

At all times it is vital that you listen and follow any instructions given to you by the trainer regarding your dog's safety. Do not let your dog off lead unless Julie asks you too. You are responsible for the conduct of your own dog at all times. Please make sure you clear up after your dogs in and outside of the premises and dispose of used poop bags.

The owner is responsible for any damage caused to the venue by themselves or their dog and any damage shall be paid for in full by the owner within 24 hours. Please also note that we have two venues one in Farley Hill and one in Slip End. Please make sure you turn up to the correct venue. 

 Car Park

 We have never as yet had any problems with the car park, but please make sure that you do not leave valuables in your car. You use the car park at your own risk and neither Keegans Knines or the proprietor of the venue will be held responsible for anything that happens to your car whilst in the car park.


Support is available between classes either by calling us, emailing us or sending us a message via fb.

What to bring to classes every week

For all dogs: A dog brush, A bed or blanket, a toy not a squeaky one,some high value treats, a dog bowl.

For dogs over 4 months you will need a long line and a pair of gloves to protect your hands.

if you want to whistle train your dog, you will need a whistle (for advice on whistles please contact us before you buy one).

All dogs and puppies must be wearing an id tag with your surname on, your address and postcode. Phone number is optional, but I recommend it. This is not one of our rules, this is the law of the land. I do not recommend putting the dogs name on the tag.

Use a soft nylon or leather lead and collar on your puppy/dog, a good head collar or  a good fitting harness. No heck or half check chains and no retractable leads.

If you have a reactive dog make sure your dog is wearing a muzzle and always have a muzzle on your dog before getting them out of the car. Jule will give you information on how to introduce your dog to a muzzle well before the dog joins our classes.

On lesson one please bring your puppy or dog vaccination records. Please note we do not pass your details on to anyone else. The info you give us is just used for us to contact you regarding classes or one to ones


Check chains, half checks & retractable leads are not allowed at Keegan’s Knines classes, please use a normal collar and lead for classes or head collar or harness. If you need advice on which would be best for you to use for your dog or puppy, please ask we will be happy to help.

 Please do not use mobile phones in class, please turn them onto silent as soon as you arrive. Thank you.

Please remember that your dog is your responsibility at all times and that you as the owner are responsible for its actions. You must give 100% attention to your dog at all times. We accept no responsibility for any injury to dog or owner however caused. All dogs must be on a lead at the handler’s side, unless otherwise instructed by the instructor. Dogs are unpredictable- so do not approach, interfere with, or feed any other dog unless instructed to do so. Family are welcome, but you must accept responsibility for them - especially children. Dogs must be healthy, fully vaccinated, regularly wormed and treated for parasites. As with all active sports, injuries are possible, so take care when moving, surfaces may be uneven, wet etc. Keegan’s Knines is a private dog training club.

 Once we receive your registration form you are accepting that there are risks associated with dogs and training activities. You agree to abide by the rules above to minimise these and to ensure Safety to others.

 Keegan’s Knines reserve the right to exclude any dog or owner that we feel is not complying with the above regulations or that is in any way abusive, threatening, rude, or aggressive. Keegan’s Knines & their trainers will make every reasonable effort to help client achieve training goals, but makes no guarantees of dog’s performance or behaviour as a result of providing professional dog training. Client understands that he or she and all members of their household must follow the trainer’s advice without modification and work with the dog daily as recommended and reinforce the training given to the dog to achieve their results. If the dog bites or injures another dog, animal or person including the trainer then the customer assumes the risk and agrees that neither keegans knines, the trainers or venue hirers accept any responsibilities  and  should not be held responsible for any resulting injuries, losses, damages or costs/expenses. We advise you to make sure that you have adequate dog insurance in place in the unlikely event to cover for liability in the event of damage or injury by your dog to property or third party.


COVID 19. We have added some more info to our  terms and conditions. You will find these on our fb page and we will inform you of them before you enrol. Please also note only one person can attend per dog until further notice.


Please always let Julie know if you will not be at a class, via email, text, fb or phone thank you

Be patient, clear and consistent with your dog

 We reserve the right to modify our terms and conditions at any time.

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